Ludum Dare 43

Anyone joining the Ludum Dare next weekend (1. and 2. December)?
Personally I’d love to, but the rest of my usual team isn’t sure whether they have time or not, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate.

For anyone still thinking of participating, the theme is “Sacrifices must be made”

Hi there people,

Yes I am in and almost did my game in Unity but luckily fell back on jME. For some reason I just can’t leave this baby out behind.

Well here is a sneak peak of my game.
This will be my very first Tower Defense game I ever made.



Sacrificial animals are ready :slight_smile:

We’re going for a combination of a farming (ranching in this case) simulator and a dungeon arena-ish fighting game. Since I’m the only coder this time around I’m not 100% we can pull this off, but we’ll try our best.


Done with day 1. Got a ton of art done, but not much code sadly. Transforming from world to GUI coords ate quite a bit of my time, because for some reason, the labels moved with the mouse. After moving the position calculations into render methods it finally worked, but at that point I have already wasted 2 hours on it. Hope coding goes better tomorrow.


I am also out for day1.
So tonight has been really slow but I am getting there. My minions/village people can at least roam around in the kingdom and that was really hard to do. The population limit to my game is only 100 minions which means soon we will have to start making sacrifices. …THAT IS GONNA BE FUN…

Last screenshot for day 1:


After a second day of development it is becoming clear that:
a) We won’t make it in time
b) Even if we did, the end result would be meh at best from the playability viewpoint.
In that light, we’re dropping out, sadly.

Some screenshots

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Ohh wow, your guy’s art puts mine to shame XD @grizeldi sorry to hear you’re dropping. 48/72 hours is difficult.

This time around I’m actually doing very well, I’ve wrapped up the game mechanics and I’m onto level creation. Theres pretty much just 1 bug I can’t track (and I’ve been avoiding it in my levels so no one will know it’s there >.>)

Your FPS though… They’re OVER 9000!!!


Are you still going to finish the game? I hope so, it’s looking really interesting.

To be fair, we had 4 people (1x coder, 1x 3D artist, 1x composer and 1x random stuff person©) on the team while you are probably going solo.

Edit: Although not part of the team, I should probably place a shoutout to @Darkchaos here for his quick responses on my various sdk debugging questions.

No. The game’s design is boring to play at its core, so there’s not much point continuing. Too bad we figured that out a day and a half into the LD.
The only way to make this game playable is to make the dungeon crawling interesting, but due to time constraints, nobody really designed how the dungeon crawling is supposed to work, so there’s pretty much none implemented. If I was to make a dungeon crawler, I’d probably start from scratch.

I might write a post mortem at some point.

I hit this every time

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After some enjoyable coding and trying to figure out Blender and Gimp I have some progress at the end of Day 2.
I can now build all the units in the game but that does not help me at all because they still need to attack and if that is not enough there is still no enemies to attack. So tomorrow evening will be a hard time coding.
And yeah I know I know my art SUCKS big time… :frowning:

@grizeldi, sorry to year that you are out. I can honestly say I almost made the same decision earlier today.



Today has some slow progress but getting there. Looks like I might sacrifice sound. I now have sphere like enemies. There are 3 enemy types for now, Green, Yellow and Red. LMAOscreenshot-009


Done and done…

And that is that. I am finally done and will go to sleep.

Well you may ask what this game is all about and it is simple, defense. The main goal of this game is to defend your castle, build some defense towers, sacrifice some minions while building towers and of course to have some fun.

You may play here: