Ludum Dare 45

Ludum Dare 45 starts in about 9 hours. Anyone planning to participate? My team is still discussing the logistics required, but it’s likely we’ll give it a shot.


I’m planning as usual, my weekend is a little split up so I don’t have the highest hopes of finishing but I’ll do my best!

This time around the theme is “Start with nothing”

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I like the them a lot. One of the few that I’ve heard that I instantly have ideas for.

Unfortunately, my schedule is not my own this weekend so I think I will be doing the “end with nothing” theme. lol


Hi all,

I think I will also give the theme a go this time but unlike @pspeed, I have not ideas coming to head for this theme.

@pspeed, care on sharing some ideas you have for me to implement on this theme? Or anyone else?

Good luck to all trying to work this in this weekend.

Here is an ideia: how about a multi-player game (local or network, you pick) where players have to collect items on a certain amount of time. Every player starts with nothing and the winner is the one who collects more items. To add some fun to the game, players can shoot at others to make them drop items on the floor.


Cool idea. Thanks

To elaborate on fba, don’t shoot other players, THROW the items you collect and if you hit another player they drop everything in their pockets! That way to force another player to drop everything your risk your own items!

Personally I’m trying a store management game where you collect trash in an alleyway and try to make it look worth somethin :wink:

Good luck to anyone participating!


I’m not sure I have anything concrete enough to share but a blank canvas with a player and nothing is very inviting to me. Reminds of that game candybox where you start with something simple and it can go anywhere from there.

Like, thinking about starting with nothing… how do you get something? If the world is totally empty all you have is yourself. Do you wiggle? Dance? Can you type text and say things? Does this cause things to grow or things to drop from the sky? Can these things then be combined in different ways?

These kinds of ideas can evolve into simple things or complicated things. Off the cuff example, blank screen, player avatar… wiggling certain ways will cause seeds to fall from the sky. Planting them makes things grow. Planting different seeds near each other may make different things grow. Some grown things can be crafted/combined, etc… Build to some set of ultimate goals.

Stuff like that.

Just very inspiring to me.


My team decided to go with a puzzle platformer this time around. You start with just standard platforming mechanics and slowly more items that introduce mechanics are given to you. Not paticularly original idea for the given theme, but we couldn’t come up with anything else that wasn’t essentially just a walking simulator.

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Already past the half time mark and no screenshots yet? Allright, I’ll start.

The fist puzzling mechanic will be throwing a boomerang around/over/under/etc. obstacles. Next one we have planned is flipping the level upside down.

This time around, our game won’t be that great graphics-wise, as the artists are using this LD to learn the basics of texturing. Maybe I can get them to learn Substance before the next LD :smile:


I’ve been chugging away, just got up from my second 2.5 hour nap so I’m nice and awake now.

Still entirely in the early programmer art phase, but I have a working grid-inventory system, you can pickup items in the world and store them in your jacket, and I’m currently adding npc’s who walk out by the street who are interested in buying some things that are in you jacket. I won’t have enough time to add in all the store management features I originally envisioned but at least I’m able to capture the “start with nothing” aspect I was hoping to.


And I just hit the big “All basic functionality is in the game”, so mvp is good to go, now time to buckle down on assets and content!

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Okay this is what I have so far.
I have this done:

  1. Random level generation. Therefore every time you die or play your level will look different.
  2. Player movement
  3. Physics
  4. …that is it basically

I have a lot more to do but I did not have coding time as always.


I have something nice to look at finally!

It’s down to just making more content. It does not have a win/lose condition, and I’m not certain I’ll get around to making any.


Those rooms look really cool, is it voxel based or are the meshes just happening to be mostly cuboid? The flickering lights are an awesome touch. There’s a lot of character in such a simple generator

Thanks @QSDragon, yes you are correct they are voxel based.
I wanted to try something different this time and had the idea of combining voxel (Cubes framework) with the level/room generation found in the famous game Spelunky.
I got the basic concept working and now it is just down to designing templates for each room type.

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Compo is over, I hope everyone who was aiming got in. To those still running for the Jam good luck with the next 20+ hours :wink:
I’ll throw my link up, I’ll get around to playin any other links I see in the next week or so.

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Jam is over and I pushed my dev to the very last end and building in an enemy in the last 30 minutes I am finally done with my LD45 entry.
Here is the link to my LD page:
Give it a try and let met know what you think.
Thanks jME for this awesome engine which I for some reason can not ditch.

A screen shot: