LWGJL Applet - No logo and progress bar images (JME Beta)

I have upgraded JMonkey to Beta on Ubuntu. Now the LWGJL applet launcher returns an error (on all platforms). The error says that the launcher cannot load logo and progress bar images. I am certain that I’ve seen this error a long time ago. Any idea?

Copy the logo to where its expected?

This is not my logo, it is the LWJGL logo and the progress bar images that the loader cannot find in one of the generated JAR files. So it is not my program that is the problem but it is the way it is all packed by JME code builder.

Try disabling applet deployment, then press OK, go to the settings again and re-enable it. It can build applets just fine, maybe your project has some old applet build file.

Thanks a lot Normen, it worked like a charm!