Lwjgl 0.94

It’s out with a full mac support, and DevIL included (windows only atm, we should expect to see linux devil in the next release) !

DevIL could be use for DDS texture loading and other fancy textures… (I don’t think writing a pure java DDS loader would be difficult… I could take a look at it if you want).



<sings the one step closer to no more AWT tune>

How can we use DevIL? JOGL dose not support it. :frowning:

BTW: has anyone thought of a way, how we can exchange LWJGL with JOGL and keep the code handling for the various input devices portable? I don’t know whether e.g. the key codes are the same in JInput as in LWJGL. Is the current abstraction capable of doing this?

Is the current abstraction capable of doing this

Yes, KeyInput has it's own key mapping, which is then translated to the various APIs (mapped if need be, although in LWJGL it doesn't need be) by the LWJGL*, JOGL* input classes.