Lwjgl 1.0 Beta

Just grabbed the lwjgl 1.0 beta, and rebuilt my freshly acquired jme0.10, and found one single error:

    [javac] C:ProjectsjmesrccomjmexawtlwjglLWJGLCanvas.java:66: exception org.lwjgl.LWJGLException is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement
    [javac]         } catch (LWJGLException e) {

Apparently the new AWTGLCanvas.setVSyncEnabled(boolean) method doesn't throw any exceptions anymore.

Easy fix, just thought I'd let everyone know.

any snip on what's new in the 1.0 version?

full details: http://www.lwjgl.org/changelogs/1.0beta-changelog.txt


New distribution layout, single file for all platforms
Fixed AWTGLCanvas paint issue
Fixed mouse button issues when switching between grapped and non-grapped mode
Fixed common nVidia crash on exit bug
Misc. performance enchancements
Added support for long (int64) types
Added EXT_timer_query extension
Added ATI_text_fragment_shader extension
Added ATI_shader_texture_lod extension
Added EXT_framebuffer extensions
Added SunOS (solaris) as a linux(-like) platform
Latest jinput
Universal binaried for mac
support for ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT (using LWJGL specific method AL.getImplementations)

ahhhh lovely…finally the grabbed mouse issue fixed…

performance enhancements is never wrong either…