LWJGL 3.1.4 Adds Zstd & LZ4 Bindings

Hi Everyone,

I heard LWJGL 3.1.4 has just been released.


My questions to you are below.

  1. Usually, I should expect the update (LWJGL) to come through the “SDK Update” correct? Or do I need to wait for the new SDK to be released (Stable)? I am using Jmonkey 3.1 Stable right now.

  2. What is the most recent LWJGL version in Jmonkey SDK 3.1?

Thank you.

In General the process is like this:
The SDK packages the Engine Builds for conveniance. We release shortly after a new engine release.
So in order for us to support LWJGL 3.1.4, the engine would have to update to 3.1.4 and then there would have to be another engine release which triggers a new SDK release which would contain this build.

If you need ZStd & LZ4 Bindings it’s best to manually upgrade lwjgl for your project, as the engine would only upgrade if this is rather necessary for many people and it would take some time

On a site note the SDK Update unfortunately is offline due to a lack of infrastructure, so you would have to manually install a newer version, however as pointed out: If you need 3.1.4, manually update

Thank you so much. No, I do not need such bindings. I only want to learn how things are :slight_smile: