Lwjgl .9.3

We are successfully ported to .9.3… Some of the fixes you’ll notice are: no more pauses when a jME window loses focus and jME windows pop up centered again! See lwjgl’s .93 changelog for more. (http://lwjgl.org/changelog.php)

I’ve noticed one bug which may have already been there for a little while. If you run TestBezierMesh currently and turn off the lights, it will show a weird rainbow texture. The bug has to do with vertex colors being left on for bezier mesh because the box in the scene has colors defined and bezier doesn’t. The whole prevColor != colors optimization makes it so it doesn’t end up turning off the colors and the whole thing takes a dive. I’ve got a good fix but haven’t checked it in yet because I have some other new code in there related to headless rendering (coming soon…)

This particular bug is obscure and probably will not affect anyone before I get the chance to fix it, but let me know if you run into it or anything else caused by the upgrade. (it’s a simple upgrade so I really doubt it!)

I’m a beginner, and started going through the Starter.PDF I noticed that it doesn’t work with LWJGL 0.93 alpha. Because the LWJGL Display.class is moved to different package.

That actually broke in the move to .92 from .90 as .93 had no API changes… But yeah, that needs fixing.

ah… :slight_smile: I got the older version 0.9 and it works.