Lwjgl .9

I have an application that loads a terrain & skydome, then starts a thread that listens for external stimuli and loads additional milkshape models into the scene as requested.

This all worked reliably with the JME pre LWJGL .9. After upgrading to the JME utilizing LWJGL .9 the terrain & sky dome still load as before. The additional milkshape models loaded after the sky dome all take the skydome texture and their own texture. If I change the texture on the skydome, everything loaded following takes that new texture.

I’m using Widget Viewports, so my next troubleshooting step is going to be using a non-widget viewport app. Just thought I would check here to see if anyone else had run into something simlar.



You will find the answer here : http://www.mojomonkeycoding.com/jmeforum/viewtopic.php?t=357

Thanks - updateRenderState() fixed it up.