Lwjgl .96

They’ve finally got lwjgl.96 out. I propose we upgrade to that in the next week or so.

Any plan on using DevIL for texture loading ?

It’s now multi-plateform…

And can we please use the AWT-Stub thing? Chman assures me its great! :wink:


It’s not specially great but it works very well, with all the slowness inherited from awt…

I really wouldn’t recommend using AWT, unless you really have to or are doing something IDE like thingy like a level editor.

For my part I get about 2/3 or the speed of the native display.

which is a heck of a lot better than what we are getting now! Jme has a JMEComponent for level editors and stuff.

And if its there…flaunt it!


DevIL seems like something we could look into. The AWT stuff definitely.

The AWT integration will make jME much better candidate in CADlike appliaction development. I am currently working on one big project and am very anxious when this integration will be implemented in jME. So far we have been using Xith but jME looks much more promising as we are looking for a new engine to replace Xith. A little bit of performance penalty is not very important, CAD people mostly run high end graphics hardware anyway.

I’ve locally upgraded jme to use .96 lwjgl. The only big difference you’ll see as a jME user is the drop of EAX support (likely only previously noticed as a warning that you didn’t have EAX support!) It also fixes the Mac support of our Headless rendering (thus our JMEComponent works in Mac now…)

This is all local, but after checking with Mojo and bug fixing… and integration of lwjgl’s AWT method, I’ll get it checked in. What won’t make it in (from me anyhow) is lwjgl’s multiple context stuff and the Devil stuff. Bug us about that later (or better yet, work it out and contribute it. :slight_smile: )

upgrade to lwjgl .96 code is in cvs. Please make sure you use the new lwjgl.jar, and system binaries as appropriate. (I’ve only checked in .dlls, so download from lwjgl.org for others.)

I’m still working on how we can best make use of their AWTGLCanvas. Stay tuned.

One last update to report… the AWT stuff has been completely rewritten to take advantage of lwjgl’s AWTGLCanvas. It’s pretty simple to use… You write a JMECanvasImplementor class or extend SimpleCanvasImpl. See the revamped JMESwingTest for a demo.

Also, I’ve tried running two panels at a time. It sorta works, but some things are really singleton in jME and don’t quite mesh with multiple panels. In other words, this release is only for a single panel. If you want to experiment with mutiple panels, just know we don’t support that config.

In cvs. Enjoy!

PS: I’ll be converting RenParticleEditor to this soon.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! :smiley:


Does this mean you can use swing objects in the game window? Like for instance … a chat box? heh.

No, the AWTCanvas only gives you the hability to put a jme component in an AWT/Swing frame. You can put buttons and such things near the canvas, but not IN the canvas.

Chman :slight_smile:

Well, that’s mostly right… I suppose you could hack it to allow for other scenarios with some unpredictable results :slight_smile: But yeah, this is meant for something like game tools/editors, scientific visualization, desktop games (cards, 3d pinball, etc.)

That’s true about the tweaking, but the GL canvas has a high refresh rate, so if you put an awt/swing button in the middle of your canvas, you’ll get a lot of flickering :stuck_out_tongue:

I could be done, but you’ll need to make a lot of tweakings :slight_smile:


This should be useful if I ever get around to make a level editor for Marble Fun :slight_smile:

renanse said:
PS: I'll be converting RenParticleEditor to this soon.

Not to raise this thread from the dead, but "soon" finally happened today.  I've upgraded the particle editor in cvs to use the AWTCanvas stuff just in time for the .9 release.  Notice also that you can drag the scene around with your mouse to rotate the camera and use the mouse wheel to move in and out of the scene.  (holding shift will accelerate these movements.)  Please test and let me know if you have issues.

The particle editor works here without issues.