LWJGL and Quaternions

(No, no I’m not quite dead yet. It’s just … exam time. I’ll be around more often when my life returns to some semblance of normality.)

Here is a topic on the lwjgl forums discussing the addition of a Quaternion class to lwjgl. If it’s approved, I imagine it would find a home somewhere in the org.lwjgl.util.* packages. I’m suggesting that we offer jME’s Quaternion class - slightly modified to integrate with lwjgl, of course. Altruism is a Good Thing, I figure, and better relations with the lwjgl team certainly couldn’t hurt either.

So… opinions?

  • I’m-Not-Dead-Yet! Eric

I think LWJGL should stick to being an OpenGL binding instead of a game engine. Because they are also discussing creating an XML model thing, which we have thx to cep21, and now they want quaternions. I dont object to that, im objecting that it will be directly put into LWJGL, if they opened another project like SPGL, then cool. But not straight into LWJGL.

My thought on jME that it isn’t reliant on LWJGL, and if LWJGL would have quaternions and XML models, then it would bloat jME’s distribution, and I dont think that is in my interest.

Thats just me opinion anyway.


DP, they’re going to have it anyhow so yeah, I agree, why not donate ours? It works well for us and could get improved by them and the improvements incorporated into our version. Bloat would be insignificant.

I thought the whole purpose of LWJGL was to be “light weight” and have the other stuff as libraries? Where did you read they’re going to put XML models into LWJGL?

check the org.lwjgl.Model package, and check the javagaming.org LWJGL forums

Bloatedness would be insignificants, but the general heading towards what they are doing is what concerns me.

If they will be doing it anyway, i do like the idea of giving them ours, so they could improve it.

btw, I was talking specifically about Quats… I’m less keen on giving them other things outside the general math library as they are more jme centric.