LWJGL Applet Loader on Mac OS X

Has anybody managed to get LWJGL Applet Loader to work PROPERLY on Mac OS X?

I am finding that LWJGL does not work at all with Google Chrome - after a lengthy interaction to gain permission to run the applet, I am eventually getting a blank screen.

It all works better with Apple Safari. The only problem is consistent loss of Nifty coordinates whenever the applet does not fully fit into the browser window.

On the surface it looks like Chrome has all the correct Java plugins (V2), still nothing works. There are no problems with the Windows and the whole variety of windows browsers. There are no problems running the JAR files on the Mac.

Yeah, apparently running java in a separate process (which Chrome does by default, Safari only when enabled) messes up the applet completely. However the latest changes in lwjgl might have fixed some of those problems, by beta we’ll upgrade the applet deploy libraries as well.