LWJGL Renderer not supported?

Hi Guys! I’m still brand new to JMonkeyEngine…

I get the Unsupported Operation Exception for LWJGL Renderer Thread 5, which is this import:

import de.lessvoid.nifty.Nifty;

How can i fix this? :slight_smile:


please always post the full log of the console, as else it is not really possible to determine the cause.

There is one thing I can say with absolute 100% certainty. That line is NOT the cause of the exception.

Please don’t even bother mentioning exceptions without the full stack trace. It’s like going to the doctor’s office, saying “I feel sick”, and then walking out again. Just don’t do it.


Well anyone using Nifty has probably the same experience. I also had the same problems and I just manually included nifty JARs to my project to fix this. Don’t know exactly why JME3 nifty JARs are not enough.
Hope it helps, cheers!

Impossible to say without an exception that includes the stack trace.

Jeah sry, I was talking about Eclipse reporting an error with nifty gui
imports. Import cannot throw an exception, thats why I assumed otherwise. :slight_smile:

“Unsupported Operation Exception” is pretty specific so I doubt that’s the part they got wrong.

…but of all of the exceptions, it’s one of the ones that is 100% useless without the stack trace since only that will tell you what operation was actually unsupported. Most exceptions are only 99% useless without the stack trace.