LWJGL updates


I’m new to Jme, but not to LWJGL, and I was wondering about

the changes that were made to the last version.

Perhaps you’re aware of the Display/Window merge in the next LWJGL ?

Is Jme is already OK with that ?

we are currently using the 0.9 release version. The current CVS version has the Display/Window and input update. So when 1.0 is released, Jme will follow and update the DisplaySystem.


Great !

I only ask this because I’ve begun some code that work with the

new display system…

As i’m a newbie to Jme, I’ve got one more question :

Can you program an entire game just using Jme, without having to worry about LWJGL methods,

Or you have to use both of them to make a full game ?

Thx !

sure you can code a full game in jME only, ive done that in VolatileZapper. And I plan to do that in my new game.


That’s good news,

I prefer to focus on a single library :wink: