LWJGL vs JOGL vs Xith3D

Whats up people Im new to the community but I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions on which of these I should be using with jMonkey.  I am not sure if Xith3D even works with jMonkey has anyone gotten it to work/tried working with it?  Thanks a lot people look forward to hearing from you guys.


hey, Youre maybe mixing up soemething here  :mrgreen:

xith3d is a scenegraph much like jME so no point to use jME with xith

jME uses lwjgl as its underlying technology to access 3D and sound hardware put plans to use jogl at some point in the future too

xith uses jogl for the low level stuff afaik atm.

so youre bound to use lwjgl (with comes in the recommended cvs package already) with jME atm.



Xith can also use LWJGL, and jMe is designed so that it can use Jogl in the future (there is somekind of binding for jogl already I think).