LWJGLCanvas source code errors?

When I use my IDE to look up the source code for "LWJGLCanvas," it shows a bunch of errors. It can't find the AWTGLCanvas class and it can't find any of the org.lwjgl.* classes. What's up with this? I just installed jME on my laptop–I seem to remember encountering something like this with Feng but never with jME itself. If anybody has an idea, please let me know. Thanks a ton.  :smiley:

I recently re-installed JME 2 on a clean eclipse workspace, I noticed that that library jar's were set in the build path, but the native lib locations for the lwjgl (and jogl) were not set, probably for obvious reasons heh. Did you ensure that was set?

Not sure how to do this. Are you talking about build.xml file?

What IDE do you use?

In eclipse you do:

Right click on project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Lwjgl.jar (expand) -> Native library location

For other IDE's I guess refer to the wiki's installation guides.

I'm using NetBeans. I followed the Wiki to the letter.

Well I'm not familiar enough with netbeans to help :(. Though it certainly sounds like something's missing in the build path if it can't find the LWJGL classes.

Yeah, sounds like you need to add LWJGL.jar to your project.

Dunno how to add LWJGL.jar to the JME project because it's a Free-Form project from existing sources using an Ant build script. But it doesn't really matter–it's just annoying. Everything else works fine.

FaqFreeformAddLibraryToClasspath - NetBeans Wiki

Sound to me like you need to dig into your build.xml and figure out where to add it yourself. GG Netbeans, GG.