LWJGLTextureRenderer modification


I recently wanted to have a second view of my whole world (rearview). To enable for correct culling and drawing of particles and such, I modified the LWJGLTextureRenderer: The render method has got

                Camera oldCamera = parentRenderer.getCamera();
                parentRenderer.setCamera( getCamera() );

before each call of clearBuffers(), and

                parentRenderer.setCamera( oldCamera );

after the call of onDraw(...).
The renderQueue() method was introduced in LWJGLRenderer to contain the code from displayBackBuffer() that handles the render queues (starting with 'processingQueue = true' anding with 'processingQueue = false')

This works quite well for me - if it's an apropriate solution maybe it can make it into the jME core . . .

P.S. maybe this requires a call of oldCamera.update() - have it in my app...

Bumping this as a reminder for me to look at it (or Renanse).