Mac OSX major problem

Hi there !

I would like to develop a project with this wonderful JMonkey but I’ve got a huge problem that I can’t solve by myself…

First I’m on OSX 10.7.5 with the latest JMonkeyEngine RC2. All is right for now… Except that I’m running Java 7…
Each time I try to start a program (including the Test project provided) I get the error:

JavaVM FATAL: lookup of function JAWT_GetAWT failed

To be precise, with Netbeans I can run a LWJGL program. And also I can run games like 3079/3089, but not JMonkeyEngine. So it’s not only a LWJGL problem, Am I wrong ?

I read everywhere that it it probably the fault of Java 7. OK. But how can I get back to Java 6 ? Is there a way, an easy way ?
I’ve read many post that allow to revert to java 6 for the JRE (from Oracle to Apple), but not for the JDK. So with java -version I’m always with Java 7…

I really don’t know what to do so if anyone can help, it would be very nice…

Thanks in advance

The easiest way to default to java 6 is to make the jdk 1.7 “unreadable by everyone” (change the file/folder permission).

On my machine the oracle JDK is located here


This has the nasty side effect that all other java programs will run on java 6… but that is not an issue for me right now…

I know the core devs will address this problem as soon as there is a stable fix for lwjgl. =)

Really, a big thanks… I spend all the day to search the web and nowhere I’ve seen such an easy an simple answer. You are a boss. And of course it works now.
It’s very annoying to see that the 1.6 is still there but invisible. There should be an option to choose which version we want, even if it’s prior to 1.7. I love my Mac but sometimes there are really some weird things…

Again, thanks a lot.


The real hero is @normen, he suggested this to me some time ago =)

If you can, please mark this topic as resolved =)