MacAppStoreBundler, a java console app to prepare and pack apps for MacAppStore

Continuing the discussion from How to prepare your JME project for MacAppStore (Netbeans / SDK):


Following my documentation I made a console app to do the job for me and so far it has worked pretty good. I decided to share it with you all while I eventually clean this package. Feel free to use it and modify it as you see fit :smiley:

You can find the repository here:


Simple Java console application that signs and bundled Java applications. It uses the xmlwise library to edit plist files inside the bundled app.

to run it use the following sintax:

java -jar MacAppStoreBundler.jar <path to bundled app> <package name> <signature> <app category> <entitlements file path> <destination package file path>

Path To Bundled App: The full path where the Java bundled .app file is located.

Package Name: The package name that you registered in the Mac App Store.

Signature: Your name or company name that can sign the applications for the MacAppStore

App Category: The category the application will be. See here to locate your category.

Entitlements File Path: The path to the .entitlements file needed to sign the application with features like sandboxing.

Destination Package File Path: The location where the .pkg package will be created.

The xmlwise library copyright goes to original holders but the bundler is under MIT license