Made the jMonkeyEngine Logo on my 3D Printer

[video]jMonkey logo made in blender. Printed on 3D printer - YouTube

My 3D printer is the printrbot and using ABS plastic :slight_smile:


Hahah… cool.

Now we just need a 3D Jaime. :slight_smile:

@pspeed said: Hahah... cool.

Now we just need a 3D Jaime. :slight_smile:

Now thats talking expensive XD

@gbluntzer Did you make that printer by urself? Looks like a patent.


Hihi cool :slight_smile:

The design was the original printrbot fromprintrbot . They had the parts stl files on the internet so one of my buddies from the San Antonio Hackerspace printed them out for me. I cut the metal smooth rods and threaded rods and guessed on how it all connected with nuts and bolts. Fun stuff but it took me awhile to get it all working.

Wow that’s really cool!

That’s just plain neat right there. Nice work!

That’s cool @gbluntzer. I also make use of ABS filament in 3D printing Legos. Aside from ABS, have you also tried using other 3D printing filaments?

Nice =D