Project name: Maelori

Game type:  Strategic Collectible 'card' game


License:  Proprietary?

Compensation: profit sharing.

Recruiting :


Contact: (modified)

Status:  In Development


Simply put, the aim is to reduce your opponents health points to zero, or force them to surrender.

This is acheived by collecting & building up deck of disks (cards) that represents your army and matches your playstyle. As you play games, you can earn points which can be exchanged in an online community shop for better disks allowing you to build your ultimate decks.

You have to summon your creatures onto a battlefield made up of hexagons, and move them across it to your opponent which you have to attack directly. To help you in your battle, there are supporting cards such as spells and equipment, and many creatures have special abilities.

Disks are summoned by spending essence (magic). Each turn you've got the option to draw disks from your deck, and/or essence.

We have a significant amount of development already in place, alpha versions of both the server and client. We are looking for some more coders to help expedite the development.

Used API's:

   * jME2
   * MigLayout

* forgot the .warren part of my email.


nice artwork and nice status!

Sweet textures, looks very professional.

Oh wow, I never knew you guys were using the jMonkeyEngine to make your game. You probably don't recall me, but on I went under the nick 'Sadr', leading the development of  Radakan together with Momoko_Fan also here on this forum. Though essentially different, our games (our Radakan and your Legend) had quite a few design goals in common. We reached the same conclusion as most others, you included I suppose; start smaller :wink:

I always held your projects in great respect, and I always thought Maelori was one of the most bold and innovative attempts around on, while self-constrained to realistic goals. The amount of 'next-gen MMO's in "pre-pro" there is just appalling, so seeing projects as different as yours around was always refreshing.

I can safely vouch for these guys. Anyone competent enough to fit their standards should see this as a great opportunity to have their name associated with a highly polished game that has a great chance of completion.

Some questions though:

This is clearly a project with professional standards, and I would assume you expect the same of anyone deemed a team member. I know in the past you have guaranteed shared revenue of whatever income the game makes when it's finished, which I honestly don't think much of as far as indie agreements go.

So let me just say this, if you expect a professional commitment, this commitment should come from will to work and learn with a team of your standards, and the knowledge that with a job well done great recommendations and an expanded network would follow. A possible bonus down the line is just the side dish.

So that, or an actual salary.

Be it that my assumptions are correct or not, I still encourage you to be more specific about your requirements and pay-offs regardless.

Also added that it is profit sharing for compensation.