Main Menu Advice

Hey Folks,

I am currently extending SimpleGame, and I have a terrain, vehicles, etc. that you can drive round and complete mission objectives, etc.

Currently when you win the game, I do a System.out.println("YOU WIN"), and the System.exit().

I would like to add a main menu (to allow the user to select the terrain, mission, etc) and some sort of "You Win" GUI at the end of the game!

What is the best solution for this? I've heard about FENGGUI, but it seems a bit hard-core for a simple menu sysetm? Could I just not use a group of Boxes with some custom textures (with writing on), and use a different input manager (rather than the in-game 3rd person controller) to select them?


Many Thanks!

Yes, you could.

Or you could use the ORTHO render queue and just add a few quads with your menu items and display text on them. Again, shunting input to a different input manager is also needed, as you say.

You can even use Text for very simple stuff… 

Yeh, quick and simple way is to display text, then provide a number key system to

  1. start again
  2. quit

    3  do something else

    Get it working and worry about the aesthetically pleasing stuff later