Main menu Nifty-example-like


I wanna create a menu like this one. How to do it?


Have you read any documentation yet?

Recently the Nifty tutorial has been rewritten from the scratch. Please go though them first.

Yeah, i red the tutorial… But there’s nothing about this menu or i’m blind O_o

ur blind

Yeah, i think so.


hey, don’t be so brutal to him :wink:

i think he have enough minus points :stuck_out_tongue: He is new, and he is blind, but its no reason to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

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nah he needs a few more :slight_smile:

First of all get someone to read this to you:

and then go to the other 12 links at the bottom and get your friend to read all of them to you as well

@m4tx You are pointing to all of it. But you should trying something on your own first and then tell us where you are stuck at. You can’t go to an architect and ask him/her “hey I know how to draw, but teach me how to draw a building”. You have to study first, then show an proof that you have done so.

and always start small.

@iamcreasy: Today He are asking you how to create a nifty menu. Tomorrow He’ll ask you how to create the game itself xD.

dam now i feel bad :(. Its the end of the week, maybe we’re all tired :P, sorry! Nifty is not an easy thing, i can’t even do most of what is in that menu (mainly because i haven’t tried yet). But the only way to do that is to read up on the relevant info and try it yourself, and as @iamcreasy if you run into problems, give us a testcase and we will help you best we can.

@glaucomardano That why I didn’t answer him, his question. I told him how how to approach a problem. :smiley:

@wezrule hey me and zathras(he did the most of it) just almost completed new series of Hello Nifty tutorials. You might want to check it out.

I am gonna go through your tutorial within a day or two. :slight_smile:

ah cool will do :). I plan on updating it at some point as well, showing text, and maybe a multi-threaded 3d object rotating or something. Also I will explain it a bit more as well, and change the progress bar from white to another color so they can see it in the wiki :smiley:

@wezrule :smiley: cool. Load state on a different thread sounds more appropriate.

yeh i’ve tried loading the game on a different thread before, had some success but could never get it right. Ill have another go at some point.

Just do it as a Callable and constantly check the Future in the update loop.

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normen said:
Just do it as a Callable and constantly check the Future in the update loop.

glaucomardano said:

not on my watch ;)