Make a Camera Node not rotate

Hey I just had a quick question, I have my player which in it’s simplest form is just a node. I have made a CameraNode and a set the Mode to SpatialToCamera. Then attached my camera node to my player. Everything works great, but I have one problem. I need to stop the CameraNode from inheriting rotations. I tried the obvious, which was to get its initial rotation, save that rotation, and force the cameraNode into that rotation each frame, but it seems something is overriding my control of its rotation (IE: It didn’t work). Does anyone know of an elegant way to make the camera node not rotate?

Did u clone the initial rotation? If that didn’t work u can just copy the code for cameraNode and remove the rotation

Yeah I just took the initial rotation, in fear I had done something stupid I did a few checks to make sure I was actually trying to set the rotation back ( and not to the current rotation by accident) and I was. My next plan was to just hack apart the cameraNode class, I just wanted to check in with those more experienced than I to see if there was a simple way I was overlooking.