Make Bones Follow Bones?

I have my character

And a pair of shorts


That I am trying to attach together. The shorts have 2 bones, that are in the same positions as the ones on the character.
I have tried setting the shorts bones, as childs of the character’s bones, however the lef to the shorts being stretched horizontally (yes, location rotation and scale were set in blender).

Any potential fixes…?

I’d like to know this too. Can anybody link to a post on making clothes work?

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Or a method to transfer animations between objects. The shorts use the same skeleton (minus the upper body) as the character.

I’ve seen this discussed before although I don’t have a link handy. Have you tried the forum search?

This helped. All you gotta do is create a mesh for your character with a skeleton and create a mesh for your clothes with the SAME skeleton. You can then use the same animation on both your channel for the clothes and your channel for the player.