Make HUD really nice

hello bos… i want to ask, how to make HUD in game so the game look so interesting??

please help me… thanks

erm, employ an artist ??

for the college. i'm working on thesis. help me bos… thanks

You need to make a judgement for your project based on whats available.

  1. Fenggui
  2. JMEDesktop
  3. GBui
  4. Swing ( using canvas for jme )
  5. Javafx ( using canvas for jme )

    Sorry if I have missed someone off the list

@theprism I think the only thing you could've added would've been using LWJGL/JOGL directly:)

I agree with using what's available.  We've got a lot of frameworks that provide very nice HUDs, and even more customization.  I would suppose that it might help to give your representation of what is an interesting game HUD then we could probably answer.

i want to make hud like this…

can i make a class like this?

public Hud(final float width, final float heigth, final PlayerShip player) {

        screenHeight = heigth;

        this.player = player;

        hudNode = new Node("HUD");



        LightState ls = display.getRenderer().createLightState();







short answer: yes!

Long answer: you will need to do some custom GUI implementations; and I believe ANY of the options listed would be capable of such a task.  As far as difficulty you will find each GUI option will have its pros and cons; best to do some forum searching and check out the wiki to make an informed decision.  (although it appears that only GBUI as a current jME 2.0 tutorial, so if that's important…) (but don't be scared to tackle a 1.0 tutorial, you will find it very similar to jME 2.0).

thanks for the solution boss…

whether there is a tutorial to make an example HUD?

I see in the example jme2 not have to make a HUD.

agreeing with basixs.  This is a doable HUD.  I am sure that any of the implementations will work.  I KNOW that GBUI will work.

There are several wiki pages here and on the GBUI project pages that have tutorials on various things

I don't quite understand the second sentence.  GBUI doesn't require jme 2 unless you check it out from the trunk tip.

I can't speak for the other frameworks on how to accomplish this type of HUD.