Make Human model not get imported in jme3


I’m making a project wherein makehuman model will be used to do a simulation. My question is that I do some rotation and scaling of the bones in blender (like bending position of the human) but when I import it in JME3 the model goes back to its default form which is standing up. Please help me !! :cry:

How can I make some other position of human like sitting, bending etc. imported in JME3.

Hi Normen,

Thanks for your reply. I actually follow that tutorial, I successfully imported the model but my problem is that when I have to do a little transform to the model like making the human in sitting position . It is easily to do in blender but when I’m trying to import it in JME3 the human get back to its default position. But I want the model to be in sitting position.

Did you apply the Rotations? (Ctrl a I believe)
Did you use an animation? If so you need to trigger that or simply use Rotations if you only want it sitting.

Thanks guys for your help, but still it didn’t work. Im tryng to import the .scene file exported by OGRE. Am I doing it right? because I have .mesh.xml file for all the parts of my makehuman character. What is the best way to import makehuman in JME3? I tried converting the .blend file into JME3 but it produces error. Hope someone can help me!

Usually the .blend file is the best way, what kind of error did you get?
Other than that it should be fine but there is some problem with your blend file it seems :confused:

Maybe try another way from mh->blender (collada .dae) or some very simple model because something you did confuses the jme importer :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, I downloaded the 3.1 alpha version because I found in the forum that it has better support for .blend import. But I get an error just opening the sdk. Here is the error:

org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Invalid enum (1280)
at org.lwjgl.opengl.Util.checkGLError(
at com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglOffscreenBuffer.checkGLError(
at com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglOffscreenBuffer.runLoop(

2.) Im a real newbie here, but experienced in using JAVA , so I’m confused in the whole import process. What I need to do is copy the .blend file and choose Convert to j3o binary right? But nothing happes when I do that only this message appear on console.

Created constraint: track with definition: Damp track
Created constraint: track.001 with definition: Stretch to
Created constraint: copy_loc with definition: Copy location
Created constraint: stretch_to with definition: Stretch to
Created constraint: copy_loc with definition: Copy location
Created constraint: stretch_to with definition: Stretch to

In what format did you export your makehuman and which skeleton type did you chose in makehuman?
For animation usage please make sure you insert keyframe in blender( in pose mode select armature and press I then chose LocRot)
make sure to do this:

  1. select your mesh in object mode then go to Object–>Apply–> Location/Rotation/Scale
  2. select armature in object mode then go to Object–>Apply–> Location/Rotation/Scale

but as I understand for your case you want your human instead of being in rest pose be in sitting pose that you made. for this after you pose your armature go to
pose mode select all bones then goto
Pose–>apply—>apply pose as rest pose
I think it should solve your problem.

The first Error seems to be a problem with jme3.1 (there already is a thread with that error message, possibly due to jme trying to use intels’ internal gpu)
The question is if jme 3.0 runs fine?

You can use convert to j3o but I would suggest clicking that green thing next to the save/open/print buttons, it’s the model Importer and will show you the result.

Currently, when you click convert to j3o it should create a .j3o file in the same folder as the blend was.
Then you use that .j3o file in your game.

Thanks guys for your help.

I still can’t do it. I just want you to ask if my project is possible using jme3. I want to simulate how high will be the chair given a human height. That’s why I want my makehuman model to be in sitting position. My idea is scale the chair and human given by user input. It’s like I will embed my application in java swing and based on the height I will render my scene. Hope you guide me with this process. Thanks!

When I try to do the

Pose–>apply—>apply pose as rest pose

only the bones move but the body is still in the standing position.

When trying to import the .blend file using the importer, I got this error

This file can not be loaded, it is either in an unsupported format or is incompatible.
Check the bottom right corner of the SDK for a little warning sign. If it is there double-click it and report the contained stack trace at