Make Slim jars with Eclipse

Hi all,

I’m new at jme3 and I’m trying to make my first steps and I’m using Eclipse. So far, so good. When I export my Project as ‘Runnable Jar’, everything works fine, except of Eclipse fetching all the unused libraries as examples or models. Netbeans and jme3 SDK do not import my eclipse project. I’ve searched, but the forums didn’t have an answer.

How do I make slim jars with eclipse?


oO This is not an eclipse help forum… Learn how to use eclipse and set up the classpath, you do not need to include the jme3-test-data.jar for example…

I guess your exported runable jar file is about 45mb or more.

If you use nightly build then go to your exported folder

you will see lib folder, go in there and delete or cut jme3-testdata.jar and jme3-test.jar.

go to eclipse refesh your project and reexport. Your jar file will be smaller.

if it works then you can try to delete other jar files too. for example nifty , bullet ,ogg , depends on what you dont use.

You can select all projects that should be exported, right-click your folder->export…(as you have done with creating the runnable jar)->java/jar-file->select the stuff that should be included (exclude all the test-data etc) and specify your main-class. That might work…never tried it :smiley:

For more info follow this link to a huge link list and a nice search-function: