Makehuman Models

Are they compatible with JME? I tried importing one and it seems to not have any material, even though it has a material and texture set in blender, and I imported those files as well. Been having this issue with some other models that arent even from Makehuman either… maybe I’m exporting them incorrectly :confused:

I can’t help with your problem but providing (or at least specifying) the model you are trying to use might help those that can. :slight_smile:

You can first import it in blender, it has it’s plugin in the Addon’s Section of blender. From there you can get the .blend file and load it in jme3(assetManager.loadModel("…")) also from blender you can export it ogre3d format tho it may result with some issues… anyway make sure u got ur mhx version set right on import/export in blender… should work fine.

It is possible to:

  • import Makehuman to Blender (with materials)
  • export Object with armature and animations from Blender to JME.
  • export blender material to JME or just make j3m file based on model textures.

    = it is possible :slight_smile:

    i never imported makehuman model, but i know people that already have done it (with textures), so im sure it’s possible.