MakeHuman to .j3o Best Practice

Hi there,

I’m currently taking my first shot at makehuman and am super impressed with it.

Unfortunately I am having trouble importing the model using the blender importer.

I have been able to import the model using the Ogre3d .scene method.

Unfortunately this ends up with a different animation control for each portion of the model.

This method also doesn’t utilize the action editor and requires sub animation extraction.

Attempting to use the Blender importer is very hit and miss with many models as they will freeze
up the importer as makehuman models seem to do.

What methods have others used to get makehuman models into jme with an armature?

Feel free to extend the wiki with your findings.

You can try export with Xbuf. It will export just one animation control for whole rig and will auto bake animation upon export.

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