Maker’s Tale : Tech Demo Update Video

Just released the latest update video:

… covering off a heap of the recent changes and improvements.

I also finally started keeping a reasonably accurate update log:

  • structure upgrade particle effect added
  • add/remove tile dust particle effect
  • hex mesh tangent / normal fix
  • updated to jme3 nightly - broke transparent shadows
  • full team colour
  • model lighting highlight map + hightlight colour
  • ssao improvements
  • “twiddly knobs” ui for rapid prototyping
  • network communication updates
  • reconnect to community server button
  • enahnced water fixes
  • audio Nodes for placing ambient sounds
  • hero tile nodes
  • updated animations for enemy melee
  • custom wire-mesh cursor
  • updated turret model
  • particle pools
  • added enemy melee texture
  • re-integrated RimLight - used as selector
  • real-time cloth simulation for flag
  • archer texture added
  • actor menu
  • camera follow mode
  • minor camera inertia tweak

    And a couple of recently grabbed screenshots for good measure:

    orange man [ full res ]

    3 blue archers [ full res ]

    ssao + cam [ full res ]

    enemy [ full res ]

    Feedback always welcome :slight_smile:



Looking very good, especially that ogre, or whatever it is.

Just curious - how many vertices are in your scenes, and how many lights are given to each model?

Looks awesome man! The cloth simulator is really nice.

How did you make the unit selection look? (there they turn slightly yellow)

@memonick thanks, that scene contains a touch over 3m verts and the only lighting used is a single directional sun lamp.

Thanks @Sploreg :slight_smile: the unit selection is achieved with RimLight.

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I’m sorry to ask, thetoucher, but on the following link I found this written: “Keep an eye on the vertex/triangle count. The hard limit is around 100’000 vertices, because the slowest currently used graphic cards cannot handle anything beyond that.”

How do you manage running it with 30 times that?

* Minimum requirements: not a shitty card


That’s what I would do.

@memonick no wories at all man. The short answer is I don’t manage anything: I just build stuff to run on my PC (a decent 2 year old rig) while always keeping in mind the limiations of older (and newer) machines that I hope to target. It helps to have an idea where bottle necks and problems might arise on other hardware, and carefully balancing the resources you have at your disposal : RAM, CPU & GPU.

As for vertex count specifically, I personally feel 100k is a bit concevtative for the hardware I target (what @Sploreg said), and I’m of the opionion that with modern hardware poly count is no longer a concern (within reason), so I personally don’t pay much attention to my poly count beyond not being wasteful. The count in this scene is dilliberatly high as a result of some optomisiations I’m trying… I’m generating excess verts in the early loading phases and leaving them on the GPU for later use… so that vert count could, and probably will, come down eventually.

It’s looking really nice - very professional :slight_smile:

I like the cloth effect on the flags too, you should keep that.

This is so amazing and exciting, I am speechless. :o

Yeah, the video format is really cool and the game just looks gorgeous.

dude that rocks!

Looks Great!

awesome, your hex engine showed its demo :smiley:

@thetoucher, I just saw something and thought you might want to fix. In the last picture (coloured ogre), the hex 's textures are not seamless.

That beige ogre is awesome.

Btw, the lower leveled music now makes your voice just sound “cooler” instead of taking away attention from it.

:open_mouth: The amount of juiciness you’ve put in already is astounding, looks so cool.

Thanks heaps guys :slight_smile:

@memonick said:
@thetoucher, I just saw something and thought you might want to fix. In the last picture (coloured ogre), the hex 's textures are not seamless.

Cheers, it's been on the fix list for a while now.