Making a city builder for the android OS

Hello! I’m just starting out trying to make a city builder (similar to the old sierra game Pharaoh) for the android OS. I have looked through all of the beginner/intermediate tutorials and would like to know if there is a tutorial specifically dedicated to making city builders or working with touchscreens for the android. Pointers to any article/sample code would be awesome! Thanks!



Good idea, i would love to play such a game and have been looking out for one since going android 2 years back. please make sure you make it for appslib (tablet market) too :slight_smile:

there is unlikely to be a tutorial for making a city builder as this is a niche market and if there were such a tutorial there would be plenty of such games also meaning you would make no money from yours. However there may be one for something similar, think tower defense game, side scrolling shooter, suduko, hangman, that sort of thing. I did see a 2d graphics tutorial somewhere for android, don’t recall where, you will have to look it up.

Hope that was more helpful than ‘rofl’!

Looking forward to playing your game.