Making a game about pirates


Hi everybody, we need some help, we're making a project in a course in my university, this project is about risk, but we are making that risk about pirates, we are using jme tutorials, we are new using this tool , we need to show 3d islands in jme and now we are using the island terrain demo, we have to make 43 islands. when we paint this 43 islands using the island code provided in jme demos, jme runs very very slow, anybody have any idea to paint 43 islands efficiently???. we are going to be very very gratefull with this help. nice day and excuse me for my bad english :slight_smile:

What you are looking for is called LOD or LevelOfDetail. Take a look at TestDiscreteLOD.

we have read your post dhdd thks a lot for your help. we are trying to understand de TestDiscreteLOD class but we don't understand it well, we add lod node 4 times and we can

Try to play with FarPlane distance and use fog if you want to have transition on far objects when clipping.

I suppose you dont need to show all this islands ?

How many triangles do you have on the scene ?

Ahoy! I hope your game will be with lot's of beauties and grog!

And don't miss to explain the connection between the number of pirates and the global warming!


Thks a lot for your help :slight_smile: