Making a map

what is a good program for map making for jme3?


i have the sdk, how can i get to the map maker? new to this tool.

Create a new scene. Edit the scene in the scene explorer. Click “add terrain”, and you have a “map” you can then edit…

If you want indoor-terrains you wont come around a 3D editor like blender im afraid.

If you mean a “map maker” like for the various FPS-mod tools… Better go back to these, this is a real game engine with real programming skills required you know?

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To be honest it would be easy to write a mapeditor like those common ones in jme. :slight_smile:

Just use a script binding and provide script entities and trigger-enties and you are fine. I do it myself. Its rly not that hard. :smiley:

Yeh, implies that theres a specific scripting engine being used with specific data being transmitted and for specific uses, which implies it makes the engine a one-trick pony basically. But as you said, its easy to add this for your own games if you have decided on such a high-level issue like scripting game entities.

I think he/she may be asking about generating a mini-map. That’s what I got out of it, anyways.