Making A Radar

I'm trying to get a mini radar deal for a flight sim type game.  I've got something kind of working but its not right.  Anybody have an idea on making something simple?

Shingoki and I are collaborating currently to develop a multi-purpose radar solution that we will be releasing the source for when it is finished.  If you can wait hopefully it will fulfill your needs.

Its not a real big deal.

something along these lines:

quaternion = create quaternion from camera rotation(can be done in multiple ways)

for each blip {
   radarDot.getLocalTranslation().set(display.getWidth() / 2 + tmpVec.x, display.getHeight() / 2 + tmpVec.y, 0);

I got it working but without using a quaternion.  I might have to give it a try though as that might be cleaner then what I'm doing now.