Making grass

Hi everyone,

     I'm new to jME, and I wanted to make a simple terrain (one solid color) with grass blades on it.

     How should I make the grass blades? Is there a basic shape that is good for making grass?

    Should I use TriMesh?

Thanks in advance,


You should do a search for "grass" and you'll get a few search results back. Probably the most basic way of doing this would be a grass texture (with alpha to get transparency) applied to a quad. You could also add in a billboardnode, if you wanted the grass to always be facing the camera too. has some freebies and other cheap models that you can buy for shrubbery. I think there's a high-grass one in there too.

Link appears to be dead :wink:

Looks like they’ve gone .com

adds some new models to hhexen

Sorry about that. Yeah, I love that guys work. I'm using them in Fyrestone.

OK, thanks. The site works when the extension is .com, btw. But since those are models, how would I implement things such as wind that would change the model? I understand that I can just use a transparent billboard kinda thing, but for the wind, would I have to have an animation? The problem, I think, with that would be that the animation would be regular and it would be useless to implement windspeed, etc.


Yes you'd need the model to be animated or implement your own animation for a billboard.

A more practical alternative would be using shaders:


Although you'd really have to do some research on the subject :wink:

OK, thanks for the help.