Making my own skeleton application

I want to build my own skeleton application to be possible for me:

.render to a PBuffer or

. i want to render_scene on the ticks of a Timer, not using threats.

After reading documentation and reading the source code my problems are the following:

.I see that PBuffers are good to render_offscreen, but i can not find where the scene renders, for me let me know where i need to capture the FrameBuffer containing the image and perhaps the ZDepth image.

.Using render to Canvas i have the same problem, i can not find where the scene is rendered and where the swapbuffers is called.

The question is extense but the help can be usefull for others also.

Create a class that implements and add it as a sceneprocessor to the application, it will be called with the FrameBuffer etc. when its generated.