Making node move/rotate with cam

I was just messing around with basic objects to make a hand… I know I am board… So I made this funny hand and attached it to that cam but I have no I idea how to make the node rotate and move a bit to make it look a little better here is what I made: and please try no to laugh :wink:

I think I should some how use a nodehandler to make the hand move with the camera, but I don't know how.

Try out CameraNode wich moves Your camera as well as any other stuff atached to it.

See jmetest.renderer.TestCameraNode for an example.

I made a lot of mess when I tried to add node to the camera handlers and the parts that builds the camera handlers (like MouseLookHandler,MouseLook,KeyLookDownAction…)  :expressionless:

winkman I tried what you told me to look at and it work more or less, just have to get the hand to turn arround…

to turn the hand node 180 degrees, in private void bouRHand() add something like:

//maybe You want to use less than 180 degrees to better see the hand

rhand.getLocalRotation().fromAngleNormalAxis((float)Math.toRadians(180), new Vector3f(1, 0, 0));

where the Vector3f defines the axis of rotation and the float defines the amount of the rotation

or use setLocalRotation(…) instead

… and I think in Your case You don't need rhand.updateWorldBound() at all.

yesterday I obviosly tried getting it right to make it turn around but everytime I tried it messed up a lot like one i tried a matrix3f and the whole hand was scattered all over the place :-o now I tried winkman's way and it worked again :slight_smile: but there is still (again) some thing I have to change its pointing in the right direction but its upside down I am now going to try and fix it by my self… can't make winkman do everything :smiley:

ps: I forgot to add the link and one is actually a typo "messed up a lot like ONCE i tried" I now noticed that there is not "edit" for a post you made and also noticed that I am quite dependant on it ://

That was realy easy its not upside down anymore set

(rhand.getLocalRotation().fromAngleNormalAxis((float)Math.toRadians(180), new Vector3f(1, 0, 0));)


rhand.getLocalRotation().fromAngleNormalAxis((float)Math.toRadians(180), new Vector3f(0, 1, 0));

Can "sonemone" expain to me why the node messes a bit up if i set the vector to (0,0,0) ? or is that a bit to complex to explain?