Managing gigantic scene

Hi Guys
I have completed phase 1 of my game (lv guide test - YouTube), Thanks to all the people on this forum… and now on to phase 2.
I used the scene editor and terrain editor to create the 1024x1024 scene that i used for the game. I created the terrain from a heightMap then painted the textures (grass and roads) then placed the building and other structures on the scene using the editor
I then generated the NavMesh using the editor. which i extract and use in the game pathfinding

I would like to move on to a much larger scene perhaps 8 times the current scene.
Should i continue to use the current method using the editor?

or split the Scene somehow.

Should i try to use TerrainGrid? if so would i have programatically add the building to my scene rather than using an editor? from the examples it only seems to handle terrain not the scene it self

or implement my own scene loading mechanism?

Take a look at this:
It generates endless terrain based on a noise generator.

The code isn’t hugely difficult to work out, but here’s a demo of what it looks like when it’s running:

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^I am using this, it is so much better than terraingrid.

You can also just scale your world and use a slightly larger terrain, e.g. make the terrain 2048x2048 or even 4096x4096 and then scale down the objects on it…