Hello. I am new to this managing stuff. I am 14 years old, and I am trying to manage my "company". I like to call it that, although I guess it is not really a company. is the website. I have been managing it, and it is really hard, especially dealing with the people I have to manage. I am teaching a few people to do stuff like modelling and programming around my school, although not all of them are from there. I have serious problems managing them, because, even though they have only been doing this stuff for a month, they think they know more than me, and I have been doing this for years. I figured I must be doing something wrong. Some people follow me with no problem and work well. For example, I had one of my friends make all the graphics for that site. But my 3d graphics artist is really a little crazy. He can't take constructive criticism, but I don't know what I am doing wrong to make him be so… revolting. Can someone help me? I can't see why he won't comply with the rules like everyone else does. I want to get rid of him, but he means to much being my main modeller. He can't deal with orders, like when he suggests something and I say it doesn't work or won't work, he argues. He can't accept my authority. Am I doing something wrong?

Apart from other seemingly obvious issues I won't touch, authority is only as good as the stick you hold.  You just stated you can't let him go so you have no authority.  Either drop him and find someone else or deal with the fact that he has as much say as you do.

Don't expect much from people working for free. They have no obligation to help you and they do it in their spare time. Currently Radakan had this issue for a long time, people join, do something for a week, then leave without a trace.

Ok, thanks for the replies. I have made my plan. I should start getting a profit, and then I can start being a little more strict. With pay, people should be motivated and follow my rule. Then I can start dropping people, because this should increase my team. Is this a good plan?

Money is always a good plan.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks guys.

As soon as you have to issue orders, you are probably already on the wrong track. Such creative and smart people need to be convinced, not forced.

I agree with Varadmir.

It always pays to remember that the goal is not to get people to do what you want. It is to get what you want done.

Ok, I will think about how I can do it that way.