Manipulating a 3DS model

Hi, I'm a newb with JME, though not Java.  I'm interested in using JME(and have set up the environment and demos in Netbeans) for a project and have a couple of questions before proceeding. 

  • I may be working with a large(~200 MB) 3DS model of human anatomy and I'd like to know if JME will

    be able to load and handle something of this size, assuming of course I have enough memory on the machine

    and allocate it to Java accordingly.
  • I'm looking for examples of manipulating a model within the application space.  In my case, I need to be

    able to click on various pieces of anatomy(arm, leg, etc…) and position it.  Could someone please point me

    to examples of such things and anything else related to such model manipulation in JME?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


Hey Alex, could u please explain ur project in detail… I am working on a similar project… I guess I cud get some help from u if u have progressed further in solving this problem of controllin a max model in JME…

eagerly waiting for ur reply…

thank u



I would be REALLY impressed if the JVM itself could handle that kind of load.  Also as far as RAM (which will be your first hurdle to get over) If memory serves Linux has the highest JVM memory allocation available (I think its 2 gigs but might be more with an 64bit setup).  You will of course have to set that as a runtime option.

You might have a MUCH easier go if you can utilize a package called OpenDX.  Its a scientific modeling library with a very interesting twist on manipulating data, instead of writing scripts you have 'controls' which you link together.  It's almost like drawing an electrical schematic ;).  (Its ONLY for Linux though)