Manual jMP install/update to nightly


I want to install jMP on the pc at my job. Problem is i can’t afford to download 200Mb package there(updates to nightly). They would see the increased traffic and i prefer to keep a low profile.

Is it possible to download

jME3_SDK_Alpha-4-windows.exe + Nightly and install both offline?

I already downloaded the nightly build , extracted the zip, but i dont see where i should place the files to update my jMP installation instead of using the plugin /update system inside jMP

If this doest work, would it be possible to have a portable installation?

Maybe if there’s a way to change the application data’s folder to a relative path on my usb disk.

That way i can download and install at home

What you can do is download the installer and then the updates from the update center directly, then install them via Tools->Plugins->Downloaded.

Thankyou, will do that