Map generator

Hi everybody !

It's my first post here, so i would like first to congrats every hard workers for JME project ! I come from JAVA3D and made a professional crane simulator with it. Now i want to go further… with JME !

So, I'd like to know which map generator was used for the TestIsland exemple.

I tried some yesterday, and i'm very happy with earthsculptor for generating a grayscale heightmap, but not for the texture (it create one png file for all texture layout…)

I tried also monkeyword3d, but i can't create anything (i have maybe some technicals issues) and i don't see any tutorial for it.

I prefer opensource program working on linux, but if in the case it's not compatible i can start it under wine.



Are you inquiring about jME 2.0 or 3.0, or either one?

The island demo is created with texture splatting. If you're using EarthSculptor, you gotta export the level into alphamaps rather than a single texture. Then use the detailmaps from EarthSculptor together with the alphamaps exported to do the splatting same way the demo does it.

Thanks for answers :wink:

To Erland_sh : jME 2.0

to Momoko_Fan : i didn't see any capabilities for exporting into alphamaps from eathscultor, did you ? (I will look again)

I understood that island demo was made with texture splating (I saw the alpha layout linked to texture in the code) but i don't find the right tool to create my map. (banana editor looks good but it's not yet avaible, and mw3d is not working well for the moment and is the project dead ?)

So if you know the name of the best tool for this job I will be an happier man (I'm already happy ;))

I wouldn't recommend using mw3d, its unstable and yeah dead like you said. EarthSculptor I believe has a plugin for it. There's also L3DT which can generate maps and alphamaps.

I'll go look for a plugin to earthsculptor :wink:

And i tried during the night L3DT, who is more complex, but very powerfull. I have alphamaps now with it (who look a bit binary (black and white only enstead of grayscale)

I'll try that and give a feedback about it !

By the way, thank you man !