I'm new here just got jme2 working a 2 days ago.

As i was reading a tutorial i realized "Hey I need to know where all my objects are and how they look all the time!"

So i was wondering is there an application that will show me what my code is doing?

For instance if i made a flat plane could it render it to a spot on the screen to show me where the object is?

Hum… not really sure if there is something like that. Whenever i do my apps i model scene in 3ds max and then export entire scene with obj files which can remember coordinates.

You could try to do some kind of level editor and create "level" from it. I'm planning to do such for myself for ages now, but can't find time :S

Since i don't know Java it could be a bit of a challenge to create but i'm thinking rather then me make a game with JME. why don't do something useful and implement JME inside a program that will render while you create. Kinda like RPG Maker XP with RUBY only instead it will use java and JME. I don't know i tried it before in VB and i did a nice job only thing is i didnt implement a language into it. Ill defensively attempt this when i'm ready. Until then ill do what you said your doing.

Maybe Scene Monitor and Scene Worker are worth a look.

Thanks for the post they may come in handy. But these programs don't allow me to edit my code while viewing my map. I was hoping for something that lets me view the current values of stuff and when i change the code in my IDE it will update my map.

hmm don't think you'll get anything like that, it's not really what jME is about.

Generally in any but the most simple apps, you wouldn't be placing all your stuff in code anyway.

I guess ill draw my map in my head like i always have xD. whats 1 extra variable (depth"Z").

I read that Grome was a nice map creator. But it makes landscapes is there a program that can create city's and stuff?

Or should i just make the whole thing myself. with code and a mental picture?

You ideally don't want to position things in code, because it means you need to write and compile new code every time you want to place a new item or add a new scene. Better to have a level editor, so that you can build your scene visually, then save it to a file and load the file in to your app. The level editor doesn't need to access your code.

Grome is what I use for Exodus Defence, it does allow you to place objects in your scene aswell as edit the terrain. For complex indoor scenes it's probably not ideal, but it works well for outdoor scenes.

Hopefully others who use different editors can comment on those.

Thank you alric.

I guess ill keep looking for a editor that fits my needs.