(March 2019) Monthly WIP & Screenshot thread

Some animal icons and an overlay for the upcoming hunting portion of the game.


As cool as that UI looks, I’m afraid it will becone very hard to use with the increasing number of available assets. Is there an alternative grid view?

Yeah. The 3D carousel is just a showcase control for ten random assets. The smaller lower ones are top rated/viewed/etc. I guess the main page could be thought of as a highlight page.

Or you can just browse by date or tag or search. I’m just going through each motion at the minute and adding things as that process warrants.

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There’s no reason why it can’t be but I’m not thinking that far ahead right now. I’m not certain how I’m going to go about distribution. There’s a lot to think about with that part.

The easiest path would be to provide an application that clones the repository and builds it to a local maven repository. Another option is to auto-send it to jcenter somehow. I’ve glanced over the docs and it “appears possible”.

A third option is a custom maven repository. Ugh… I dont know about that one… So much bandwidth.