(March 2019) One Game A Month (Optional theme: Racing)

Good day fellow monkeys, :rofl:

For the month of March I thought I want to make something with a car/racing theme.
With the little time left in this month and me going on holiday this theme might carry over to next month, but if for any reason you feel up to the challenge please feel free to join me and make a game with a racing theme.

It can be anything from a Mario kart style racing game to a game where you race and destroy zombies (think carmageddon).

So, please join me and share your progress.



Oh, great theme.

This sounds fun, does racing to complete a game count :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes sure.
You can create anything you want.

Okay so I am planning on making a mobile racing game.
This is what I slapped together so far.
Swipe left or right to turn.


Is that truly a racing game though? I’d put it into the endless runner category.

Read the thread title again :wink:


Also, I’d say it’s clearly a “racing themed endless runner”… which given how these ‘game jams’ work, is plenty fine for a “racing themed” game.

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i love when developers start a big discuss about detail :smiley: