(March 2024) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

I saw that there was a pet action for the animals. Nice! It should be illegal to put animals in game and not allow to pet them.


New items coming to the game.

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Hello everyone,
Some updates…

  1. New sections:
  • SceneManager (with Scene Explorer, Filters, AppStates tabs);
  • ProjectExplorer (with the list of project assets files: gltf, glb, j3o, etc…);
  • Preferences: where you can change Camera fov, near/far frustum, ViewPort background color and editor theme.
  • In the View menu you can change the orientation of the camera by choosing from: Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom or enable/disable perspective/orthographic view.

  1. New window modal to add a UserData to the selected Spatial.
    UserData are now visible in the Inspector panel in the appropriate section and can also be deleted.

  1. New function to create a new AnimLayer. You can now start/stop the selected animation on the desired layer using the appropriate Popup and Play/Stop choice menus.
    I also plan to add a panel to edit the ArmatureMask associated with each AnimLayer by adding/removing joints with a checkbox.

  1. Filter Tab: now you can add/remove and edit filters at Runtime.

  1. AppStates Tab: now you can add/remove and enable/disable your AppStates at Runtime.

I have added a lot of new features and many more are missing, but as I imagined it is a long process.

PS: For the in-game UI I still recommend using Lemur which does its job very well. I have not yet found time to try the joystick on Lemur, but I will. :slightly_smiling_face:


Below is all the code that you need to add Joystick to Lemur. I show how to add a shoot button for completeness. The joystick will interact with Lemur by default.

public static void main(String[] args) {

AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);


    public void simpleInitApp() {



        // Setup gamepad
        Joystick[] joysticks = inputManager.getJoysticks();
        for(Joystick jst: joysticks){
	    // Pickup the only device with the word controller in it. Example of String used: "Controller (Gamepad F310)"

    // Place the method/function inside your class.
    public void setUpGamepad(Joystick localjoystick){
        // Improves menu selection movement.

        inputManager.addListener(actionListener, "Shoot");

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I’ve been falling behind on screenshots. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my main project at the moment. It’s a singleplayer shooter with a focus on movement mechanics. Most of the work has been sunk into the shooting and movement and ecs architecture, so it’s still in the “looks trashy” phase.

I finally got PBR Bloom working last Saturday:

It uses the physically-based bloom algorithm presented on LearnOpenGL.com, which takes N downsampling passes with 13 texture reads each, then N upsampling+blur passes with 9 texture reads each. The results are looking very good and natural.

And today I took a dive into area lights:

Again, the algorithm is from LearnOpenGL.com. It only uses untextured quads as lights, so it is quite limited. I wasn’t even able to get the correct matrix textures smh, so I’m using a couple random textures I found to generate the necessary matrices. :joy: Somehow it still looks alright.


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My most complex scene to date. In-game screenshot.


Here’s my progress:

  1. Added playable classes that affect starting equipment
  2. Finished mob AI with easily customizable behaviors
  3. Added a couple new items (One of them visible on the screenshot - fireaxe with longer and wider hitbox over the knife but slower)
  4. Fixed some animations (walking, added animations for attacking)
  5. Wrote documentation for most complex classes (namely collision and networked entity hierarchy)
  6. Improved game feel on guns
  7. Came up with a simple lore for the game

Started my Bachelors Thesis so i havent had that much time, but im currently working on the first boss and his room (a separate map) for a final goal for playtesters :slight_smile:


I recently started with a new prototype game.
The idea is to make a top down action survival game which will be in space.
The setting will be scifi and it will play off on a distant planet which has harsh and rugged terrain.
Here is a screenshot of my progress so far.


Here is a video showing some gameplay footage.
I have implemented player movement, terrain, physics and weapon shooting.


Looks promising - great work!


It’s been such a busy few months!
My scene studio has improved a lot.
I plan to make a distribution version of my studio tools.
Right now I’m writing some documentation.


Implemented the jme3-Ai path finding library.

The geometry wants to give me a hug. :blush:


I’ve improved:

  • Contour, composition and profile. The levels are easier to read visually.
  • Speed. An environment like this would take me 3 months to complete. Now it takes 1 day.

Creating a SciFi room. I’m still working on the details but it should work out.


Nice, but I think a new WIP thread for April should be started already. :wink:


Congrats :clap: