Mass and DynamicPhysicsNode

Hi there,

I would lke to use jme-physics and looked at the examples but cannot integrate it into my first game attempts.

My class extends BaseGame but in the examples there is always SimplePhysicsGame used. Which variables and functions do I have to include into my class to be able to use BaseGame furthermore? Or is ist otherwise possible to integrate jme-phsics into a BaseGame game?

Take a look at the source of SimplePhysicsGame it extends BaseSimpleGame which in turn extends BaseGame and adds a PhysicsSpace and it's handing.

So You would need to add the Functionality of SimplePhysicsGame (Physics initialisation and updating) and BaseSimpleGame (Default Camera handling, updating and rendering) to Your approach.

But if You have a BaseGame based app running to Your needs already i think adding a PhysicsSpace and copy the contends of SimplePhysicsGame.initSystem, …update, …render to the respective overridden Methodes in Your Implementation should suffice.

Then look what doesn't compile and …