Material issue

I need to know how apply material to an object such as a box that has a texture and color applied. If I have the light off I see the color bleed through the texture but no material. If I turn on the lights I get the material but no color. The material is need to apply a shiny affect. Is there a way to do this?

look for materialstate or vertex colors through the wiki and forum, there is a lot of information about that topic.

I looked at that example before I posted. If the box in the HelloStates example had vertex colors it would be what I am looking for. I took that example and added colors to the box. With the lights on you will not see the colors with the lights off you don't see the materials.  I didn't mention that I am working with an OpenFlight model which no one knows anything about. I wrote a parser that reads a flight model, however, I have a few models that have this problem so I can't exactly apply the color to a light rather than the vertex to make it work.

I figured it out. Part of my problem had to do with the lighting and the other I needed to set the ColorMaterial to AMBIENT_AND_DIFFUSE