Material refresh after shader modified


once I run a game after a modif, the materials are indeed modified
but it is not the same for the Material editor

is there a way to refresh its state ?

so far I have to restart the platform every time I want my last modifs to be working in the material editor


I’m afraid there is no way in 3.0
That’s a bug that has been fixed.

ok, cant wait for 3.1 to be avilable :smile:

You can build your own version by checking out the github master and then doing
gradlew build
cd sdk
ant zip

But be aware that its an unstable and constantly changing/breaking version.

ok thx

Is the jMP build going to be switched to Gradle in the future? I saw a build.gradle in the sdk directory.

You only have to call ANT directly when you want to build the zip file. Otherwise the SDK is built using the gradle build script but that also calls the ANT script, which works great as ANT is a first class citizen in gradle. I don’t really see a reason to build the SDK itself with gradle only given that I’d lose all the setup abilities for platform projects in NetBeans and I would have to create scripts for generating NBMs, config files, layer files etc in gradle.

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