Material sticking to inside of model instead of outside

i have some models exported from blender that all share the same problem. they’re all ‘text’ objects converted to meshes (text->curve->mesh). when i set a material on one of these models, the material applies nicely to all parts of the model except the front. instead, on the front side, it always renders flat gray and the material is applied on the inside of the front side (where it’s not too useful!)

for example, here’s an “X” with what should be a plain white material:

however the front side of the model isn’t getting the material. all other sides, including the back side, are.

now, i turn off the ‘back’ side of the X before export (so i can see inside it), and view it from the back side in jme, the front side is getting the material, only on the inside instead:

i get the same behavior in jme regardless of whether i apply the material programmatically within jme, or apply the material in blender and include it in the jme xml file. i should note that i get the desired behavior if i render the mesh within blender.

also if you’re curious here’s the exported jme xml:

and the test driver:

it’s almost like the front face is flipped around, but i’m a blender and jme novice and i’m not sure where to go from here. any ideas?

Seems to be answered here.

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